All in Books of the Bible

Day 6: Lift-Off (Acts 2:14-41)

God the Holy Spirit, through the dramatic moment of Pentecost, has captured the people’s attention. And the spirit-filled Peter, the Jesus-filled Peter, begins to do what will be the model for the rest of this book: pointing people to the Father through the Son, all in the power of the Spirit.

Day 2: I've got your back! (Luke 24:36–53)

When you “go and wait” it implies a degree of trust. They don’t know Jesus is about to ascend before their eyes. I expect, after it happened, they were really disoriented. Yet he gives them a very important command. It’s as if he says, “I got your backs, now go and wait for what you’ve been waiting the last 2,000 years for, trust me.”

Day 1: I'm sure! (Luke 1:1-5)

I suggest we each think about whether or not we are certain about just who Jesus is. I am asking myself: Am I certain he is the Son of God come to earth? Am I certain his death on the Cross was for my sins? Am I certain his resurrection defeated the curse of sin in my life? Will I follow him?

Day 52: He is Risen (Luke 24:13-53)

When we say we believe in the resurrection of Jesus, we are not proclaiming the eternal significance of an idea—nor are we saying that Jesus lives on in somebody’s memory or that his reappearances were simply visionary experiences. The confession of the Church of Christ for two thousand years has been, and must continue to be, an unequivocal conviction of the bodily resurrection.

Day 46: Clarity (Luke 20)

I am able to see the path through other people’s situations, and not my own. So maybe the exercise I ought to do is write out my questions for Jesus—not in an attempt to trick or trap him, but rather in an attempt to identify what is getting in my way to love him more.