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Day 22: What do you see & hear? (Luke 5:12-26)

It can be hard. When we are confronted with not merely words, but real physical facts, our minds naturally begin to ask, “But what about…” It is no different for the religious of his day. We read of their complaints. Those who believe they have cornered the market on God. Jesus understands. He challenges them. He demonstrates his authority again—arise and walk, and so the man does.

Day 31: Slow down, you move too fast

We live in a fast-moving world. For you to move fast, what does it take? What I mean is, “For you to move fast, do you simply start out that way, or is there a process to gain speed?” For me, I can move fast, once I really learn something. We need to slow down through this part of John’s Gospel.

Day 23: Crossed wires

Ideas have power. They move our lives in specific direction. Most of us know the ideas that are guiding us, at least at some level. When challenges comes into our lives these guiding ideas either confirm, confuse, or collapse our world. At times these situations and challenges, often painful, reveal wrong thinking, you might say, crossed-wires.  In today's reading from John 9, Jesus exposes "crossed-wire" thinking.