All in Books of the Bible

Day 57: Ignoring God: Working Your In-Basket (Acts 25:1-23)

Let me be blunt. People, when presented with the assertion from Jesus’ followers that He is God come to earth. That he died on the Cross. That he rose from the dead. That he did this all so each individual may have eternal life. People, when presented with this life or death choice—they punt, they defer, they deflect. If they can get Jesus out of their in-basket, then they think they have dealt with Him.

Day 56: The Judge & Truth & Peace (Acts 24:1-27)

I am not trying to be morose, simply biblical. None of us is perfect. None of us has reached “completion”. Yes, if we have received Jesus we are saved and will be with him in eternity. But our life’s journey of being more like Jesus is one where we have the courage to look at self and ask that disturbing question—where in my life do I need to repent—facing into that truth, will bring peace.