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Blue Moon… more than something to sing about

Why do I love pondering science? Because science and faith aren't enemies. And thinking scientifically often leads me to wonder about all sorts of non-scientific things, like my purpose, the reason for me being here, love, bravery, and more. On Wednesday 1/31, a Blue moon, Super moon, and Lunar Eclipse will all happen at once. From Harvest Moons, to full moons, to blood moons, to blue moons... we're fascinated by this distant object, aren't we? But do you ever actually think about the moon itself?

Water is cool

Did you see the pictures of frozen Niagara Falls that were everywhere a couple of weeks ago? Awe-inspiring. When I think about this earth, this big ball we live on, there are so many amazing parts of our lives. Most of them I take for granted. I live day-in and day-out, trundling along, taking some of the most incredible natural aspects of this world, for granted. Consider water.

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Determining the Ultimate Authority has led to a conflict between the two fields of Science and Faith. Quite frankly, if you ask the “man or woman on the street” if they see these two in conflict, I expect they would answer yes...