Day 1: I'm sure! (Luke 1:1-5)

Day 1: I'm sure! (Luke 1:1-5)

Today’s Passage: Luke 1:1-5

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Ever been sure, really sure about something? Ever been so sure you would stake your life on it?

As I suggest that question to you, I am also asking it of myself.

Don’t misunderstand. I have certainly had moments when I have been backed into a corner, with no other options but to cry out to God for help. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about living my life with such certainty in something, or someone, that everyone around me knows what I am certain about.

Welcome to the “Book of Acts” (and yes, I know I asked you to read the beginning of Luke’s gospel, it is not a typo).

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These books, the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, are a two-volume work by one man—Luke. Before we launch into the second volume, I think it wise to remember why Luke wrote his two-volume work. He tells us in chapter one of the Gospel of Luke. Do you remember?


In verse 1 of Acts of the Apostles he draws his audience back to the “first book”. In those first few verses of the Gospel of Luke, he makes a point to tell Theophilus he is writing it in order that this young man might be certain about what he has been taught. He notes that he knows there are other accounts written, yet he makes it a point to tell his readers that he has done even more research—all so his readers can be certain.

Interestingly, Theophilus’ name had not appeared again, until chapter one, verse one, of Acts of the Apostles. Luke is pointing us back to the beginning—so we may remember his goal.

We will have time to reflect on Acts, chapter one, but before we dive in, I suggest we each think about whether or not we are certain about just who Jesus is. I am asking myself: Am I certain he is the Son of God come to earth? Am I certain his death on the Cross was for my sins? Am I certain his resurrection defeated the curse of sin in my life? Will I follow him?

I ask these questions of myself so that I read the Book of Acts not merely as information about what saints of old did. No, I must read the Book of Acts as an instructive for how I should live today—with certainty.

I would invite you to reflect for yourself on your certainty in Jesus. It will not only change how you read this book of the Bible—it will change how you live your life.

What does life look like when we each live with certainty about Jesus? Perhaps we not make that answer too big. Pick just one thing you pray would look different in your life.

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Promises...Promises (Luke 24:49 / Acts 1:4)

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