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Day 46: Clarity (Luke 20)

I am able to see the path through other people’s situations, and not my own. So maybe the exercise I ought to do is write out my questions for Jesus—not in an attempt to trick or trap him, but rather in an attempt to identify what is getting in my way to love him more. 

Day 42: Tension (Luke 18:1-30)

What does Jesus point out today? He gives us a persistent person of prayer, a contrast between someone overly religious and a sinner, and a man who had quite a bit of money. In total we read, be like this widow, be like this tax collector, be like a child…place my confidence in God and have a humble heart.

Day 39: Lost and Looking (Luke 15)

It is amazing that Jesus, by spending all this time with his adversaries, is loving them, calling them home. The so-called sinners and tax-collectors, they know they are lost. They welcome Jesus’ rescue. Humility, repentance, joy because of his invitation—we read of all these attributes appearing in them.

Day 32: Power & Purpose (Luke 10:1-37)

Why do I follow Jesus? Is it so I feel good about myself? Is it so I can feel like I have all the right answers? Is it so I believe I am trying to do everything right? Or is there supposed to be some other reason? Said differently, what is my full purpose in following Jesus? My sense is that within that answer, I will find his power for my life.