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Genesis - The End: It is All About Family

We started this journey awhile back: April 16, some 165 days ago. When you spend over 5 months working at something, it pays to reflect. When we began, I wrote: “And sometimes it's messy. But we need to learn our story. Not facts, but rather our family story. Because at the heart of that story is our God. Reading Genesis, we will come face to face with evil and good; hatred and love; and law and grace. What we will find is not just the story of humanity, but of how our God loves us.” As I reflect a few things stand out. They have to do with God’s family, God’s purpose, God’s method, and more…

Genesis Day 47: Defining Moments

Most days, most of us go through the regular motions of life. We wake up, follow our routines, and press on. It is also true that most of us have had major defining moments. I have a bunch of these moments. We all do. Some are huge, life-altering events. Some of those events are full of joy and some are full of pain. Regardless, we have them. And we have been reading about them in Genesis.

Genesis Day 43: Living a Well-Lived Life

Most of us want to live a “well-lived” life. When I am “on my game” I want to do that for God’s glory, and not my own.

There are events in our lives that have a way of bringing into focus how well we have lived. A funeral is, perhaps, the ultimate event on this earth which brings this into focus. Today we come to a funeral—Abraham’s.

Births, baptisms, graduations, weddings, funerals… these milestones give us cause to reflect intentionally on the guest(s) of honor. They are typically (or at least, hopefully!) joyful occasions filled with praise and positive memories. Friends and families gather, but sometimes they do so for better or for worse! Relationships can be… well… tricky, can’t they?

Genesis Day 40: Our Job - Show Up & Trust God

“I don’t want to go. I have no idea why God would want me to endure such pain!” That was my plea to two good friends of mine—a husband and a wife. I was to attend a wedding of another friend. But the wounds of my divorce were fresh. The last thing I “wanted” was to witness a marriage ceremony. That is when they dropped a ton of bricks on me. They said, “Do you think we want to go and hear them play ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and watch them dance with their daughter? David, our job is to show up and support our good friend and leave the rest to God.” You see, they had laid to rest their two-year-old daughter months earlier.

Genesis Day 39: Dealing with Conflict

Do you like conflict? Most people don’t. It often shows up when you are not expecting it. It’s not that you are unaware of the tension, it is just a matter of timing when it comes to a head. How do you handle it? How does the Bible tell us to handle it?

Genesis Day 36: When deep fears emerge…we can forget all we’ve learned

Any deep fears in your life? I don’t mean something sudden, like being held up at gunpoint. I mean some deep-seated worry or fear that rarely emerges... but when it does, you act irrationally.

There are one or two things in my life, that if they emerge, completely derail me. Why do I bring this up? Because that is what is going on with Abraham. Why I am convinced that Abraham has a “deep-seated fear”?

Genesis Day 33: Do you ever debate with God?

“Can’t I stay up for just 30 more minutes?” Ever heard that request from one of your kids? Ever made that sort of a plea to your parents when you were growing up?

As we get older, we weave logic into these pleas. We point out that we did all our chores, or that our friends get to stay out later, or… You know what I am talking about.

This sort of wrangling takes on a different tone in the Bible. A tone that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Genesis Day 32: Laughter is good for the soul

Every now and then I will laugh—a lot. After, whatever was so funny has passed, I always think, “I don’t do that enough!” Has that ever happened to you?

I am around people that laugh… some of them laugh a lot, and loudly.

Laughter: it is good for us. Sometimes we laugh “with” people, and other times we laugh “at” people. I wonder what God thought when Sarah laughed at His promise…

Genesis Day 31: The Grace that is Circumcision…It’s no Joke!

Let’s play a quick game. Let’s make a list of things that we all would agree are not great for casual party conversation. Most people say religion and politics. Let’s try and be more specific.

Would you add circumcision to that list? I would. I cannot picture myself walking up to someone and saying, “Hey, don’t you think circumcision is great!” Or, “What do you think about circumcision?”

I like church sermons. Not so much the ones I preach, but the ones I hear from others. I have quite a few that are memorable. Some because they cut me to the heart. Others because they opened God’s Word for me in a way I have not seen. And a few… a few that were just downright funny. One such sermon was on circumcision…

Genesis Day 30: God does not give up on you—even when you are as good as dead

here is this inner (spoiled) child in me that shouts, “I want it now!” How about you? Now before you tell me you are not like that; can I just point out how “two-day free shipping” has become the norm? For a quick up-charge, you can have it tomorrow!

Then there are the drive-thru lines. Are you good at waiting in them? Do you have an internal clock that at some point starts alarming because your personally established 45-second wait limit has been violated? Don’t believe me? Time yourself next trip through.

Today I want to ask you to observe that Abram’s five encounters with God cover 24 years. In each encounter God is making the same promise—and He has yet to fulfill it…