Genesis Day 33: Do you ever debate with God?

Genesis Day 33: Do you ever debate with God?

Genesis 18:16–33

“Can’t I stay up for just 30 more minutes?” Ever heard that request from one of your kids? Ever made that sort of a plea to your parents when you were growing up?

As we get older, we weave logic into these pleas. We point out that we did all our chores, or that our friends get to stay out later, or… You know what I am talking about.

This sort of wrangling takes on a different tone in the Bible. A tone that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Let’s set the stage. Here is God’s man, Abraham. God has loved all over Abraham and his family. In fairness, Abraham has been a pretty “stand-up” kind of fella. Not perfect, but remarkable in his faith, his rescuing Lot, his calling upon the Lord…and more.

So, when Abraham begins this debate, it gives me pause. Notice what Abraham does—he appeals to God’s character.

“You wouldn’t destroy an innocent person, would you, God?” Isn’t that what he is really saying? He is point-of-fact asking God: “just how righteous are you, God?” He starts his argument with 50 people.

If I was standing next to Abraham when he starts this debate with God, I would probably move away from him, so any lighting strikes wouldn’t hit me—for real.

After all, which of us has the right to ask God whether God is righteous?

The reality is, I do this every day. Many people do. We find ourselves in situations and say, “Come on God, why are you doing this to me? It isn’t fair!”…or some variation.

Notice how God patiently responds to Abraham.

It is encouraging.

My uneasiness with God is because I have the wrong image of God in my head.

The God of the Bible lets you ask Him questions!

He doesn’t punish you for asking. He actually invites you and me to seek wisdom and understanding. We must note that we still must have a respectful attitude. In the Book of Job, after 38 chapters of debating with God, God responds in a manner to remind us that often times his ways are not our ways.).

Which is cool…it is amazing. Think back to Genesis 1. Ponder the intelligence and power of Almighty God. This omnipotent-omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, omnisapient God... this God is not prideful, or arrogant, or impatient with us… He says: come, let us reason together, for I love you.

What is it that you are debating with God about? For me, I need to remind myself to do so with a respectful heart.

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