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Genesis Day 31: The Grace that is Circumcision…It’s no Joke!

Let’s play a quick game. Let’s make a list of things that we all would agree are not great for casual party conversation. Most people say religion and politics. Let’s try and be more specific.

Would you add circumcision to that list? I would. I cannot picture myself walking up to someone and saying, “Hey, don’t you think circumcision is great!” Or, “What do you think about circumcision?”

I like church sermons. Not so much the ones I preach, but the ones I hear from others. I have quite a few that are memorable. Some because they cut me to the heart. Others because they opened God’s Word for me in a way I have not seen. And a few… a few that were just downright funny. One such sermon was on circumcision…

Genesis Day 30: God does not give up on you—even when you are as good as dead

here is this inner (spoiled) child in me that shouts, “I want it now!” How about you? Now before you tell me you are not like that; can I just point out how “two-day free shipping” has become the norm? For a quick up-charge, you can have it tomorrow!

Then there are the drive-thru lines. Are you good at waiting in them? Do you have an internal clock that at some point starts alarming because your personally established 45-second wait limit has been violated? Don’t believe me? Time yourself next trip through.

Today I want to ask you to observe that Abram’s five encounters with God cover 24 years. In each encounter God is making the same promise—and He has yet to fulfill it…