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Colossians Wrap-up: Light Bulb Moments

Sometimes I get to the middle of something, get stuck, and then everything is clear. I realize that the answer was present from the beginning. Does that ever happen to you? It is that moment when the proverbial light bulb is turned on, and all that seemed dark and obscure, is now plainly in sight. Reading Colossians has, for me, been very much like this kind of situation.

Genesis Day 6: What's your dog's name?

When you got a pet and it was time to pick a name, how long did it take? Seriously.

Our dog is named Bailey. He came to us named Whiskey, and we thought, “No, no… he’s not Whiskey.” So, we thought of about 5 other names. He’s Bailey.

How about selecting a name for a child? Even if you do not have children, I expect you have come across one or two new parents who agonize over this task. Why is naming important to us?

Genesis Day 3: Do you love your job?

The daily and weekly grind—the grind—that is how many refer to their jobs. Work is... well, it is work. It is why we’re usually paid to do it. How do you feel about work? For me, my struggle is the other way. Too much of my identity is tied up in my work. If I am successful at work, then I am successful. If I am not successful then, somehow, I allow my failures to infiltrate my sense of worth.