Genesis Day 3: Do you love your job?

Genesis Day 3: Do you love your job?

Genesis 1:28 – 2:3

The daily and weekly grind—the grind—that is how many refer to their jobs.

Work is... well, it is work. It is why we’re usually paid to do it.

How do you feel about work?


For me, my struggle is the other way. Too much of my identity is tied up in my work. If I am successful at work, then I am successful. If I am not successful then, somehow, I allow my failures to infiltrate my sense of worth.

Regardless, you can dislike your job to the point where it is unhealthy—for you. Or you can love your job to the point where it is unhealthy—for you.

Both ends of this spectrum create cottage industries that help people find the occupation that they love (or recover from lives that Harry Chapin sung about in The cats in the cradle).

The goal of those cottage industries is good. I am not opposed to such goals—neither is God—because our work should be integrated into our lives. That is how we will flourish.

However, there is a KEY to having your life flourish through your work. Truly.

Do you want to know this KEY?

If you do, there are 3 THOUGHT STEPS.

STEP ONE | Our God is a “working" God!

Consider, in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible: what do we see God doing?


In Genesis, chapter 1, God is at work. The text says “God created and made.”

Do you think God tires of the grind? Do you think God works because he has self-esteem issues? Is He a couch potato? A workaholic? Because I don’t think that about God. Nope. I think God flourishes at work.

STEP TWO | The purpose of God’s work is to reveal His greatness.

Please don’t misunderstand; God is not a narcissist.

Revealing God’s glory is not for His benefit, but for ours—so we know—really know—that He is a BIG God.

Consider the universe. Consider a new born baby. If you believe there is a God (and I do); and, if you believe that He is the creative force behind it all (and I do); then God is kind of “jaw-dropping,” isn't He? He is amazing!

All He creates points to how amazing He, God, is!

Religious folks say that “His work reveals His glory.” (Psalm 19:1)

STEP THREE | In verses 26-27 we read that humans are made in God’s image. That is God’s design for humanity.

The more our lives align with God’s design for His world—the more we can flourish as His creatures.

To reflect God’s image as we work, can bring glory to God.

Our work should give glory to God; not us.

And here is a really cool part—all work can give glory to God. Go back and read Genesis chapter 1. Is there any detail too small? God created ants and gnats—for His glory (I struggle with the gnats).

It is not just the work of Pastors and Preachers and Priests that give God glory—No, all our work can. You and I can adopt an attitude that when we do our job well, people will be amazed, and their amazement will give God glory.

A fella washing pots and pans did so. He was uneducated. But his view of God, coupled with his connection to God—and how it affected his view of scullery duty—has given people pause for over 500 years.

Let me encourage you. God loves it when you are about His business. And being about His business involves you at work—at work in a way that points to God—giving Him glory!

Remember how I revealed that my work gives me too much of my identity? What if I could capture that my identity is as a child of God, and with my identity secure, my work could then give Him glory?

Why do you work?

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