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Colossians 3:18-4:1 — Dueling Verses, Part 2

One of the most memorable weddings I attended was when the Pastor turned to the bride during his sermon and said, “You need to submit to your husband.” There was an audible gasp from those attending. In our culture today, phrases which read “wives submit, and slaves obey” evoke an immediate repulsion. These kinds of verses have indeed been misused and misapplied to excuse ungodly behavior. And that’s often why many dismiss the Bible as old-fashioned at best, and, at worst, repressive. Yet as a person who claims to be a follower of Jesus, I feel compelled to not dismiss His Word. I also don’t want to twist these words into something more palatable. Let me unpack what I mean.

Genesis Day 7: A husband, a wife, a Bible

Most guidance for a blog is that you say whatever you are writing in 500 words or less. So, in 500 words or less, describe how connected you are to your spouse. For Adam, it was easy – “She is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh!” If this were an onstage competition, I imagine Adam “dropping the mic” and walking away.

Love... the risk

Love: we long for it, chase after it, become confused by it. We seek the perfect computer software to find it. Can we however describe it? I love ice cream – I love my wife – I love my dog. These aren’t the same, are they?