Love... the risk

Love... the risk

John 3:16

Love: we long for it, chase after it, become confused by it. We seek the perfect computer software to find it. Can we however describe it? I love ice cream – I love my wife – I love my dog. These aren’t the same, are they?


Staring across at me are two pairs of eyes. They are different; different backgrounds, different educations, etc. Yet those two pairs of eyes have one thing in common – they shine with love!

About to get married, they come for counsel and advice. One of my first questions, “If you could make an adjustment in the brain of your future spouse, so they would always love you, like they love you today, would you make that adjustment?”

Most of the time people respond, “Huh?” I explain. “Right now this person loves you, and you love them. It’s great! If you could make sure it was permanent, would you?” Would you “adjust their brain” so they would always love you? Would you turn the invisible “love adjustment knob” to permanent?

Would you?

I have had many answers. What is yours?

Most say no. Which leads me to the next question: why? The best answer I got was from a young woman, wise beyond her years. She said, “Because when I am old, suffering from terrible illness, in the one brief lucid moment of my day, when I look up and see him, I will know he is there because he really loves me.”

Wow! There it is. Love. Real love, gives. Real love, risks. Real love, costs.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have life everlasting.”

Jesus is hanging out in Chapter 3. He is having a long conversation with Nicodemus. BUT in the middle of this chapter we read, “For God SO LOVED ... who? The world ...

To love is to risk. The risk of giving something that may not be returned. To risk spending yourself for another, who may stingingly say, “No, I don’t love you.”

To love is to risk rejection. We all have.

Does God risk rejection?

The answer is No. To risk is to take a gamble. To do something not quite being sure of the outcome. Love, for humans like you and me is a risk.

Not so for God. He already knows the answer. He knows everything. He knows who will love him—and who won’t.

And he still offers that love. He offers it knowing you might reject him.

John 3:16 says that God, loves you. Have you thought about how God loves you...right now?

Have you said “No thanks”? Maybe you have a “beef" with God. Something terrible in your life.

Okay, but is your picture of God one which begins and ends with God loving your regardless of your answer?

Love... its cost

Love... its cost

Love... an addiction?

Love... an addiction?