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Day 45: Lets go fishin'

Fishing has an interesting hold on many people—they love it. Today, at the end of John’s Gospel we hear Peter saying, “I’m going fishin’” (verse 3), and the gang joins in. I don’t believe recreational fishing is what Peter and the gang were aiming for, when they went fishing. They were returning to their livelihood. They knew that Jesus had risen from the dead, but they did not understand their role in the plan.

Day 42: Two Stories

Have you ever been out with some friends, at a place you all very comfortable, and yet you have this feeling that the conversation you are involved in, is it really about something else? Or maybe you didn’t have that feeling at all, but it became abundantly clear after the whole mood of the evening shifted. Now envision this is happening with your best friend. That is John’s situation. How close are John and Jesus? Just a few hours earlier, Jesus confided in John who would betray him. Now, in the garden, this BFF is bewildered.

Day 29: I will do anything... I promise

Desire can make us crazy. It comes upon us like a roaring lion. Our craving for affection, or attention, or stuff, or a person... well, what is it for you? Have you ever thought you'd do just about anything for the object of your desire? We (at times, when we desire something) will say, “I will do anything… I promise!” but then we don’t follow through. Even the disciples did! But it's not so for God.