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Day 21: Seeing through the fog

Have you ever been caught in a fog? You can have a vague general sense of the area. Maybe you have been in that fog-filled place a hundred times. Yet somehow the fog throws off your bearings. I bring up fog, because in today's reading, that is what the religious leaders of the day are trying to do to Jesus and to those who are wrestling with just who he is. They are trying to encase Jesus in a fog. They are trying to obscure how others will see him...

Day 20: Seeing above the noise

“Quiet!” yells the frustrated teacher, desperately trying to get their students to settle down long enough to actually hear their instruction. The crowd in today's passage is in a similar condition... There are all sorts of things grabbing their attention. Calling it noise is not meant to devalue it. It’s as if Jesus is saying, “Enough with all this noise…hear me…I am the Living Water!”

Day 19: Seeing through the Noise

Learning to see through the noise is a mandatory skill in our frenzied world. I find Chapter 7 of John's Gospel to be somewhat “noisy”. I have reread it several times, even outlined it. Why? I want to “see and hear” Jesus. I want to know, “What does Jesus mean when he says certain things?” To help me see and hear, I need to pause at verse 10...