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Genesis Day 10: Is God mean?

The image we have of people affects how we “see” every action they take, and “hear” every word they speak. One day, one of my managers said to me, “If people think I’m a liar, I will give them plenty of proof!” I was a bit taken back, “Do you lie that much?” He laughed. “No, what I mean is, they will hear my words through a filter that can twist my meanings into their meanings.” The same is true of events we are witness to or read about. In Genesis 3, God has five main actions…

Genesis Day 9: Blaming it all on Adam and Eve misses the point

In these early chapters of Genesis we see not merely a tale of something that happened long ago, but something that happens every day. Every day God creates. Every day God breathes life into the world. Every day I take a bite from the forbidden fruit. Every day I make decisions to make myself the most important person—more important than God. These scenes play out over and over again in the lives of human beings… and if that is the point, then perhaps we should consider how this story is our story.

The Devil made me do it

Recently, the movie The Darkest Hour, captures the struggles of Winston Churchill during a small window of his critical first year as Prime Minister.  Churchill often to be the only person in his circle who seems to understand that there is such a thing as evil—and that evil will never be satisfied until it dominates – indeed destroys – all that it possesses. For evil, possession equals consumption. Evil is real. And not only is it real, but it is not something “out there.” We are in the battle.