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Genesis day 28: My favorite verses of the Bible

Okay…straight out teaching…I just have to do it! I love these verses. First off, just yesterday I am gushing all over Abram and how he is believing God and how God is counting Abram a righteous. I went “on and on” about belief. And then we come to Abram saying, “How will I know…” Really? Isn’t this the same thing as “Help me believe”? Not quite. There is a difference.

Genesis Day 27: The power of your belief

“Believe in yourself!” This mantra is a favorite for coaches seeking to encourage, cajole, and use whatever means they can find, to help their protégé excel.

To be sure, self-confidence goes a long way to success. Not too many people stood at the start of a race and said, “I’m going to lose”—and then actually won. I’m sure there are exceptions, but more winners began with a positive outlook.

The point: belief is powerful.

Today, I want to invite us to ponder the power of Genesis 15:6. Abram believed—God noticed. In fact, God “counted it to him as righteousness”.