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Genesis Day 24: God doesn’t need you to be Wonder Woman or Superman

Nowadays, most TV and Movie superheroes have human character flaws. Not so when I was growing up. My superheroes were perfect! That had (and ridiculously continues to have) an effect on me. I have unrealistic expectations for myself—and somehow think everyone else has these expectations—not just including God—but especially God. Up until recently, writers for centuries would present heroes to be super-terrific people. They would wax over their flaws. It is why I love the Bible. It presents real people: complete, with all their warts. The people of the Bible remind me of me.

Genesis Day 23: When God says go

“I think God is leading me to be a pastor” I informed my wife. Her response: “Funny, God hasn’t talked to me about it!”

Her next question: “So, how long has God been talking to you about this?” After a big gulp, I said, “About a year.”

Now, as an aside, here is a tip for husbands—don’t wait a year to tell your wife this kind of news.

But what do you do when you are trying to determine whether it is God’s voice, or simply those really old leftovers in the fridge that you ate last night, telling you do something crazy?