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Genesis Day 56: Ready—Fire—Aim

Ready—Fire—Aim... that old saying for people who pull the trigger before they know what they ought to be firing at. At issue is whether or not we are aiming at the right target. So... what is the right target? You may be tempted to skip over this chapter in Genesis. I find it offers an opportunity to reflect. It reminds me of a quote from Stephen Covey that goes something like, “Nobody ever laid on their deathbed and wished they spent more time at the office.” I heard it during a season of my life when I was spending a lot of time at the office.

Genesis Day 44: If I Could Just Get All My Questions Answered…

As a family awaits a baby, everyone, not just mom, is filled with all sorts of questions. Perhaps the most common: “Is it a boy, or a girl?” In the past, you waited 40 weeks for that answer.

Nowadays we can have the answer much quicker. In fact, the list of tests an expectant mother will go through (to answer all sorts of questions about her baby) is long. People have all sorts of opinions about the tests, but they reinforce an all-too-human belief: if we can just get all the questions answered, if we can just remove all the uncertainty, then we can move faster, get more done, and our lives will be better. Removing uncertainty isn’t a bad thing—until it becomes the only thing.