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Delegation... it's relational

There are lots of ideas and resources about delegation available today. I have found that many of these processes miss a key component: relationship. In today’s age of collaboration and teamwork, relationship is king. In order to successfully delegate, I’ve devised a process, where at the start, you address the relational nature of your specific situation.

Five reasons your boss might be doing your job

Ever hung up the phone with your boss, or walked out of her office, and thought, “Why is she working on that? Isn’t that supposed to be my job?” Many of us have had this experience – maybe all of us. So, what is the answer to, “Why is she working on my stuff?” I used to conjure up the worst possible scenarios in my head, and (I’ll admit) think some really non-flattering things about my supervisor. Have you ever done that? Nothing good comes from it!