Genesis Day 65: Family Reunion

Genesis Day 65: Family Reunion

Genesis 45:16 – 46:34

What is the longest you have ever been apart, isolated from, your family?

For me it was when I sailed as a midshipman in the Merchant Marines. That period of my life was so long enough ago, that it predates our current internet, global cell phones, etc. You wrote letters—and you received letters—but only when you hit port.

Long periods of isolation are challenging. Everyone back home is getting on with their lives. Babies are born. Couples get married. Family and friends die. Even the more mundane changes, like the purchase of a different car or the painting of room—all these and more happen, while you are off in another world.

Then it happens—you are reunited with your family and friends.


Yesterday I pointed back to the theme that we launched this journey upon: family—God’s family.

Today we read about one of God’s big family reunions.

And it is a sweet moment. I know we come across another long list of names in this chapter. That’s not super sentimental. But think of it as the guest list of everyone who attended the family reunion. Picture yourself telling someone about this big event, and when they ask, “Who was there?” You answer, “Everyone…” and then you begin spouting off the list!

Perhaps the sweetest moment is Jacob and Joseph’s meeting. Picture Jacob, who had long settled in his heart that Joseph was dead, and Joseph, who was for so long isolated from his family, now falling into embrace.

Yet there is another moment of re-connection. Check out verses 46:1-4. Jacob goes and has a reunion with God. In fact, he has that reunion before he sees his son. (I’m struck... I’m just not that holy.... I would want to drive right to my family, not stop at church for confession, worship and drop off my tithe first!!)

I am not suggesting that Jacob has been ignoring God. My point? God is part of this family reunion. God tells Jacob, “I myself will go down with you to Egypt.”

Ever been to a family reunion yourself?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a big party.

Where do you have big parties? In your home? Outdoors?

For me, it is outdoors. There is a barbecue, lawn games to play, kids running everywhere, men standing in serious discussion. Decades of catching up to do.

Now, add God into the mix. Can you close your eyes and imagine God being there? For me, I first go to a story in the New Testament to picture Jesus. A story like Jesus being at the well with the woman. Or maybe Jesus at a wedding. This process allows me to see Him. Then I put Him at my party…complete with people playing corn-hole!

In the New Testament, we will hear Jesus call God Father. We will be called sons and daughters. We, who feel a long way from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…will be grafted into the family. And God will be at that party—He is the host.

Can you picture God at the party—with You?

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