Colossians 1:15-23 — Most People Don’t Quit Organizations, They Leave Their Boss

Colossians 1:15-23 — Most People Don’t Quit Organizations, They Leave Their Boss

Colossians 1:15-23

What is your boss like? Really like? The research is solid. People quit their jobs, most of the time, because of their boss.

There are times when people like their jobs and supervisors and are genuinely called to something bigger. I can say that has been true for me. However, the research tells us that the quality and character of the boss, the boss’s willingness to sacrifice for you, is the key factor in determining if you stay or leave.


When you follow Jesus (note the word is follow, and not merely are a fan), you start using an old-fashioned word. That word: Lord.

Lord, hmm. Tough word. A lord is someone who has amazing authority over a subject’s life. In fact, life and death authority. Being subject to a lord means you submit to their teaching and direction.

It all sounds very authoritative, even rules-based.

Yet, what if you loved this lord? What if the image of your lord was amazing? What if the lord, was the LORD, God come to earth? What if the LORD GOD invited you into a real relationship with Him? That is what followers of Jesus believe.

The challenge is to hold this idea, this image, in our hearts. As someone trying to follow Jesus, I struggle with doing it well.

I am not alone. This short little letter we are reading, in part, reminds us of the character and quality of our Lord, our Boss.

Consider going back to verse 13 and re-reading through verse 14. What are we reminded of?

That we, that I, was once in darkness—and God (not me) has delivered me from its domain, and not merely delivered me, but placed me, transferred me, into His Kingdom—the Kingdom of His Son! Can you put your name in this sentence?

For many today, we want a boss, dare I say a Lord, we can look up to.

All too often we read the news of the latest Christian leader who has fallen. We feel let down. We sigh. It has happened again. Our latest champion has been found to have feet made of clay.

This letter from God’s Word reminds us: look higher—look to The Lord.

If you want to know if this Lord, this Jesus, can get the job done... If you want to know if this Jesus is someone you can trust... the answer is found in verses 15-23.

First consider verses 15 through 19. These verses give us a completely different image of Jesus. Many of us have a picture of Jesus the carpenter, Jesus the man. Jesus on the Cross. All great, yet incomplete, images.

Today verses 15 through 19 offer a celestial image of Jesus—in whom the fullness of God dwells—He who is preeminent in everything.

It is stunning.

Pause. Dwell. Relish this image.

But press on. Because in verses 20-23 we read more about this Lord.

This Lord, this Boss, this Jesus—is not a micro-manager. No, He is someone who sacrifices Himself for us.

He reconciles us using His own blood. He does this so that we may be holy and blameless. Or, said differently, that we might live as proper subjects of this Lord, proper followers of this Boss.

He proves Himself worthy of our love, our obedience, our following.

Indeed, he IS the best boss. Let's keep that in mind as we continue. Because in the coming weeks, we'll be pondering suffering, godly living, false teachers, and more. We need to remember the Good News... who our boss is, and that our hope is in the Him.

Is Jesus, for you, a great boss? Is He someone who you would be willing to say, “Yes Lord, I will follow?”

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