Day 47: A journey worth sharing

Day 47: A journey worth sharing

We’ve come to the end of our journey, walking with John, through his Gospel about his best friend, Jesus.

When we started this journey, I wrote:

I have this friend. When he introduces me to others, he has this knack for making me sound both amazing and ridiculous at the same time. It’s an art form.

Think about something with me. The Gospel of John is Holy Scripture. It is the Inspired Word of God. Amazingly, God the Holy Spirit inspired someone to write it… someone who considered himself Jesus’ best friend.

John never slipped into my all-too-familiar language of sarcasm, or mocking of his friend, Jesus. But he has been more than willing to show both himself and the other disciples, at times not knowing what to say, and saying the wrong thing. Bottom line: he has been terribly honest.

I tried picturing myself in the various scenes John described, thinking about what his reaction might have been. I imagined his jaw dropping as he watched his friend Jesus, who he thought was a mere mortal, do things only a god could do.

In many ways, John, a Jew—someone who believes in only One God—in many ways, he had his mind blown. Why? Because there is only one explanation for what he personally was a witness to—that Jesus is God come to earth. It is why, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (who by the way testifies to Jesus), I imagine chapter one having just poured out of John.

You may recall that I invited you to spend a fair amount of time in two areas: Jesus’ words on him being the Bread of Life,  and Jesus words on what I called “one-ness”.

Both have to do with being connected, intertwined, and caught up in the life and person of Jesus—the way friends do with each other.

John clearly is with Jesus—and Jesus with John.

It is this sort of relationship that Jesus invites each of us to have with him… I no longer call you servants, I call you friends. (John 15:15)

And friends of Jesus, well, we seek to follow him, sometimes stumbling. What’s more, we seek not to hold onto him only for ourselves, but rather, to invite others on this journey of life with Him: abundant life.

Thanks for journeying through John's Gospel with me! Can I ask you to give me some feedback?

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Contest winners + another exciting announcement!

Contest winners + another exciting announcement!

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