Day 34: Obedience Shines (Luke 11:29–54)

It is amazingly easy for people following Jesus to become religious in the worst possible way. I can easily adopt this persona. I was once told I was being smug. The words stung. What was harder was to ask myself, “Was I?” I think I shine best not when I am often right about theology, as to when, without looking at others. I am simply trying to follow him, obediently.

Day 32: Power & Purpose (Luke 10:1-37)

Why do I follow Jesus? Is it so I feel good about myself? Is it so I can feel like I have all the right answers? Is it so I believe I am trying to do everything right? Or is there supposed to be some other reason? Said differently, what is my full purpose in following Jesus? My sense is that within that answer, I will find his power for my life.

Day 31: Help My Unbelief (Luke 9:37-62)

As followers of Jesus, look at the picture he paints here. It is a picture of total commitment that is less interested in attacking other followers of Jesus, less interested in attacking those who reject Jesus, and less interested in our own personal importance, and more interested in seeing that people are served in his name—all people.

Day 28: Grow, Glow, Go (Luke 8:1-21)

Many people believe that spreading the Word should be left to preachers, missionaries, and evangelists. Not so! All of us can offer people a simple portion of Scripture, and invite them to read it. God knows what the condition of their hearts (the soil) is like. That bit is up to him. We can simply share.

Day 27: Faith- Part Two (Luke 7:36-50)

We, human beings, think we need to do something to earn God’s love. The fancy phrase is conditional love. It means you must first do something that pleases God, and then he may show you some love. That is not the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible unconditionally loves you. He loved us before we loved him.

Day 26: Faith- Part One (Luke 7:1-35)

I think this is a life of faith. The Bible defines faith in Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Some translations replace assurance for confidence. Yet the key word for me is “hope.” What does it mean to have hope?

Day 25: The Real Rules (Luke 6:17-49)

Jesus has just prayed and selected his apostles, the ones who will be sent with his message. He comes down and is face-to-face with a large crowd—a crowd that has either witnessed him heal on a Sabbath, or heard about him. No doubt people are wondering about this good guy who breaks the Law.

Day 22: What do you see & hear? (Luke 5:12-26)

It can be hard. When we are confronted with not merely words, but real physical facts, our minds naturally begin to ask, “But what about…” It is no different for the religious of his day. We read of their complaints. Those who believe they have cornered the market on God. Jesus understands. He challenges them. He demonstrates his authority again—arise and walk, and so the man does.

Day 21: Gone Fishin' (Luke 5:1-11)

We are all in full-time ministry—if we say we follow Jesus! And, all work that is being done for God’s glory is holy. One type of vocation is not better than the other. So, you can be in the business of making money, just do it for God—it is all his anyway! We have created a false barrier; people call it “secular versus sacred.” But isn’t everything God’s? He is about redeeming his entire world, and work offered to God—be it fishing or finances—is sacred.