All in Books of the Bible

Day 22: What do you see & hear? (Luke 5:12-26)

It can be hard. When we are confronted with not merely words, but real physical facts, our minds naturally begin to ask, “But what about…” It is no different for the religious of his day. We read of their complaints. Those who believe they have cornered the market on God. Jesus understands. He challenges them. He demonstrates his authority again—arise and walk, and so the man does.

Day 21: Gone Fishin' (Luke 5:1-11)

We are all in full-time ministry—if we say we follow Jesus! And, all work that is being done for God’s glory is holy. One type of vocation is not better than the other. So, you can be in the business of making money, just do it for God—it is all his anyway! We have created a false barrier; people call it “secular versus sacred.” But isn’t everything God’s? He is about redeeming his entire world, and work offered to God—be it fishing or finances—is sacred.

Day 15: From Adam to New Adam (Luke 3:23-38)

Jesus is the new Adam, the author of the new humanity, the one who comes to redeem and to reconcile men and women from every tribe and nation. Not merely giving himself as a ransom for the lost sheep of Israel, but pouring out himself as a substitute for the sinful children of Adam’s race. Luke’s genealogy goes all the way back to Adam!

Day 12: Curiosity (Luke 2:39–52)

People at times express curiosity with the life of young Jesus. We get one little snippet in this part of the text. Remarkably, at this young age Jesus is already talking about doing his Father’s will—which will be his constant refrain. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me ask: are you curious? Curious about why Zechariah, Mary, Elizabeth, Simeon, Anna, and even Elizabeth’s baby, are jumping for joy?

Day 11: Persistence (Luke 2:36–38)

Anna is remarkable. Stop and think about how Scripture describes her. She never left the temple. She was devoted to prayer and fasting and worship. I am trying to picture her. Was she quiet? Did she keep to herself? Or, was she front and center, greeting all who entered? But then I see my answer. It is in the text…

Day 9: It All Fits (Luke 2:21–24)

Jesus, being born to Mary and Joseph, is part of God’s plan—the key piece to a long-awaited puzzle. The Jewish people would be saved. Jerusalem, not merely a place, but symbolic of their national heart, would be restored. You might expect them to abandon all the old rituals and laws; after all, a new thing was happening. Yet they do not. And so, they bring the Savior of the world—their firstborn son—to the temple, and dedicate him to the Father.